A training/consulting agency for crime and forensic science analysis duly Register and Incorporated in Nigeria with the
Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Number 1151936 on the 6th November, 2013



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The scope of forensic science need cut across, government / public sector and the private sector, in the public sector the need is as follows, police department, divisional crime officer, CID, Defence / Army, court, standard organisation, NDLEA, Hospital and universities, while in the private sector the consideration are on security service agencies, lawyers / advocates, law firms, private companies, owned private companies, owned private practice, etc.


Forensic science is any science used for the purposes of the law, and therefore provides impartial scientific evidence for use in the courts of law, and in a criminal investigation and trial. / The application of scientific knowledge and methodology to legal problems and criminal investigations.
A forensic scientist is first a scientist. When he applies his scientific knowledge to assist juries, attorneys, and judges in understanding science, he is a forensic scientist. Forensic scientists are thinkers, good with details, good with putting pieces of a puzzle together, and curious. Some scientists work in laboratories and some also go out to places where crimes are committed (crime scenes). Others teach in colleges and universities. (Ref.
Income in the forensic sciences varies greatly depending upon your degree, your actual job, where you work, and how many hours you work. You may never "get rich" but you will have a good income. You will be satisfied with your job, knowing you are contributing to justice — keeping the good guys on the street and helping put the bad guys in jail. Forensic scientists work different hours, depending upon what they do. Some work in forensic laboratories and work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. Others work out in the field on digs and may work different hours. Still others are "on call" and work after their regular shift and receive overtime or compensatory (comp) time. Essentially every branch or forensic science offers opportunity for personal growth, career advancement, and increasing financial compensation. (Ref.